Seasons of the Mind - Summer Madness


Seasons of the Mind is a project about Mental Health. Bright, fun and colourful images that draws the viewer in, closing the gap between audience and the stigma towards mental health. Each image expresses a multitude of emotions and feelings and the complete series covers symptoms of illusions, paranoia, depression, manic attacks and much more. This is a photo manipulation and digital collage series, combining the two methods to create something more free and dynamic. Each prop, subject, model and landscape is carefully lit, photographed and edited in photoshop to create the final images in this series. The Seasons of the Mind series was exhibited as a solo exhibition from 1/1/2016 - 29/2/2016, Borough High Street in London.


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Marius Els

Marius Els

My name is Marius, I am a portrait photographer living in North London and welcome to my portfolio....

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Model Canon EOS 7D

Focal Length 47mm

Shutter Speed 1/160

Aperture F6.3

ISO 320

Taken At Wed, Dec 17, 2014 6:15 PM


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