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How to capture Bird Photography?........

Published by OpenShutter · 2017-04-08T10:51:42+0000

You have to be passionate if you plan to take up wildlife photography as a hobby. Shooting wildlife and specially birds requires a lot of Patience, Perseverance and Practice. Passionate I stress upon is because you are required to get up at unearthly hours, travel several kilometers  to reach the spot where you can get to click pictures of wildlife and birds.  
Early mornings and evenings are the best time to photograph wildlife as at that time the light is soft and that’s the time when they come out to feed and have a drink at the waterhole.  
So identify these places before hand and if possible visit the place to check what
lighting conditions are there and the best location from where you can take pictures without any disturbances.
You should
wear earthly colour clothes, camouflages clothing is best, and be prepared to stay in one place for at least an 2‐ 3 hours,  a good cap to protect you from the sun is required, the panama type is best as its rim goes all around shading your ears and neck as well along with the face and forehead.
 Carry with you an
insect repellant cream, a knife, a folding chair also a water bottle and some snacks.
Whenever you go in the wild always wear knee high trekking shoes for additional safety. I take to understand that you are thoroughly well versed with your camera  controls so that you can
change the setting without taking your eye from the viewfinder. This helps because in the wild you get only a second or two to compose focus and click the picture.
Carry a good stock of
memory cards and an extra battery .
When you take pictures what is behind the subject is very important as it can make or break the picture.
Try to keep the background
clutter free; if possible it would be great if the back ground is 2 or 3 stops under than the subject, as this makes the bird stand out from the background.

(A back ground which is shaded 2 or 3 stop under,  give better chance to get darker background so that the bird stands out)

It is also very important to shoot at eye level, we see our world at 5to 6 feet high, but birds see the world in few inches to few feet. So you need to get down to their level! 
You have to go down low and your movements should be slow so that you do not draw attention towards you.


Going down to the birds eye level will give you pleasing blur both in the foreground and background.  
Always try to get the the light in the eyes, this is known as catch light. Birds look better and lively when there is light in their eye


Remember taking pictures of living things should be taken at their eye level to get the best effect, we should bend down, lie down if the bird is below our eye level and if it high in the tree see if you can climb up the slope or if house is there try to go on the upper floors try as much to be in eye level, if this is not possible please walk away and try to reduce the angle your camera makes with the horizon. Please see the diagram.


So once you are in the right position just keep these basics in mind
1. Light direction –Early morning and late afternoon light is soft and the birds are also very very active.
2. Exposure settings. ( you have to keep checking your exposure as light intensity keeps changing every minute.
3. Wait for the bird to come ‐ In bird photography, mostly we photograph an individual bird.Therefore it is always a good idea to fill the frame with the bird.
4. Compose your shots ‐ Use rule of thirds composition to place the bird off‐center or use color contrast by aiming for complementary background. Use a clutter free clean background.
And remember the  4 P come into play,
Patience, Perseverance, Practice and Passion.

                                                                                             By Arvind Patole           



Dr Dushyant Kamal Dhari

Published by ARuShA mahajan · 2017-03-29T07:02:37+0000

A Small talk with Dr. Dushyant Kamal Dhari

He is Homeopathic Physician and consultant by profession and Photography has been his hobby since college days in mid eighties.


He is from Jammu, Jammu & Kashmir, INDIA and resding in jammu with his family. He is M.D.from  S.G.N.D. Homoepathic Medical college, Ludhaina (Punjab,India) and Homeopathic medical college, Chandigarh  (Punjab, India)






What are the main theme in your photography.

   My main theme in Photography is Nature ranging from Flowers , Birds , Moon and Natural landscapes.

What technology/software/camera gear do you use to keep focused on what you do best, as you photograph?

    Mostly Picasa and Adobe photoshop

What would be a dream collaboration for you.

   A dream collaboration would be natural photography in Europe.

 What is in your bag?

    My Bag has Nikon P900 In addition to mobile MotoG4.

What is best thing about being a photographer?

    I find it a great Stress Reliever and mood elevator.

When someone looks at your photography, what do you want them to know about you.

    As am not a professional photographer, still getting appreciation for my photos makes me feels great .

Share a quote that inspires you the most.

    Most things in life are moments of pleasure and a lifetime of embarrassment; photography is a moment of embarrassment and a lifetime of pleasure.”

— Tony Benn

 What can we see from you in 2017

    Hope to see further improvement in my photography.


Ognen Bojkovski

Published by ARuShA mahajan · 2017-03-26T12:48:41+0000

An Interview with  a landscape Photographer named "Ognen Bojkovski"

He is from Skopje, Republic of Macedonia

The world is full of amazing places and photo opportunities – what are some of the countries or regions you would like to visit, and photograph, in the coming years?

There are many incredible places to visit in the world. My favourite places to visit one day are some countries in Africa, like Namibia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Serengeti national park, South Africa.. Also there is New Zealand and Australia. I like wild places, not populated or traditional.


Apart from photography, do you have interest in other creative activities

My first passion was music, while I was in high school. To be more precise, piano and keyboards were my instruments. I played in many bands back in the good old days, when I was a teenager. Now I’m playing keyboards and piano, but only for myself or for my friends.. Sometimes I miss the good old days, the bands and stuff like that. The first couple of years when I discovered photography, I was struggling with myself what to do first, to play music or to photograph. I wanted both passions equally at the same time and place and I had many troubles with that .


Even though you’re primarily a landscape photographer, do you have interest in other styles of photography like portraits or sports?

Landscape photography is my primary theme. Lately I have started to experiment with people and portrait photography. There is a lot to discover there. I am in constant search of some interesting people that inspire me to photograph them.


How do you plan your shoot, what kind of homework is necessary in knowing the place better?

Because landscape is one of the most difficult categories to photograph, you can’t change anything, or move mountains or change the weather you must go prepared for any conditions. Also you should visit that particular place a lot, so you will have many different photos in different weather conditions and you can discover the most of its natural beauties.


For You, what does it take to make a beautiful picture and what time is apt for a perfect landscape?

Well, like most of you know the most beautiful part of the day to take landscape photographs is golden hour or magic hour, sunrise or sunset, because of the colors and lights. But from my experience I made better photos when there is some kind of weather drama in the middle of the day or night . So maybe there isn’t some rule when is the best time to photograph.. maybe the best time is when you have an inspiration .


Your favourite country to photograph in the list to do’s and why

Like I mentioned earlier in the interview, Africa is my first choice, because of all its landscapes, drama, colors, sand, jungle, mix of cultures, trees, animals, tradition.. everything


Few words about your workshops and stuff?

Well I have never had something like official workshop, but I like teaching people and transferring my experience to the others, especially to the new photographers.

Vladimir de Leon

Published by ARuShA mahajan · 2017-03-25T07:48:03+0000

Meet Vladimir de Leon a Faishon Photographer , from Angono, Rizal Philippines.

So here's what he talked about his photography journey..                            

Hello and Welcome to Openshutter, What is your background and how did you become involved with photography.                                                                                                                             

      I'm a family person, a graphic desinger on a magazine company. involved with photography, i was inspire what i do in magazine .

  What are the main theme in your photography.     

       Most of my theme is Fashion Photography.  


What technology/software/camera gear do you use to keep focused on what you do best, as you photograph?           

     For me, the camera what i use is Nikon, it has a great photo when it comes in photography.

What would be a dream collaboration for you?.                                                                 

      A Dream for Photography, i want to make a most remarkable image, and give inspiration to all using photograph.

When you're working with model, how important is communication during a shoot.

   Communication, not just in model, also in the other people who helps you. like make up artist, wardrobe dresser and so on.

 Where do you prefer to shoot in a studio or on location and why?

   I prefer mostly studio, i want my subject direct hit in my camera. no background just the subject.

Which photo are you currently most proud of

    I'm proud most of my works, but the most of the most or my favorite is my family portrait

 What is in your bag?

     In my bag? camera, extra lens, towel, extra tshirt, cellphone. hahahahaha

What is best thing about being a photographer?

    I learn to communicate to the other people. different personality, and I'm really happy when my picture is making a good pictures, and it really makes me smile always.

When someone looks at your photography, what do you want them to know about you.

   I don't know actually, hahahahahaha

Share a quote that inspires you the most.

     "Make your imagination into Reality"

What can we see from you in 2017?

     Improvement, never stop learning and keep shooting, and lastly, you must always happy and inspire.


Arusha Mahajan

Published by OpenShutter · 2016-01-24T15:21:07+0000



A small talk with Arusha Mahajan -

My mom used to tell me the story behind each picture and we used to laugh about it. After finishing my graduation I had this urge of travelling and meeting new people which led me to photography because I wanted to keep a memory with me every time and everyplace I visited. Photography and travelling to me is what food and air is to you. I can’t even think a life without my Camera.

1. What inspired you to come in the area of photography.
Ans)Great natural light that I see everyday gets me excited to take pictures. And beautiful people or beautiful locations that I see in daily life or on my travels. Also great photography by others inspires me, and great cinematography in movies too.

2.  Which photographers influenced you, and how did they influence your thinking, photographing, and career path?
Ans) I like many photographers such as Sebastiao Salgado, Michael Kenna and Richard Avedon, but I wouldn’t say that they’ve influenced my thinking, photography or career path. I think it’s very exciting to find your own path. I think it’s acceptable to draw aspirations from other people’s work, because they reinforce your own vision and help you to perfect your personal characteristics, but you should never try to repeat someone’s vision or choose the same career path.

3. What was the most challenging part of your journey till now?
Ans) We undertake a lot of challenges, so we are well trained for it by default.

There is a lot of competition going on in this business. Be passionate about what you do and never let anything stop you from accomplishing your dream.

4. Which domain of photography you like most? What motivates you to continue taking pictures economically, politically, intellectually or emotionally?
Ans) Emotionally! I love to capture anything and everything for that matter. People, places, streets, mountains, sky anything that makes me happy.

5. According to you, what are the three qualities a photographer must have to become best one?
Ans)According to me following three qualities must for photographer
•Firstly you need passion, In other words – you need to think about, dream about, talk about and live photography.
•Secondly you need a sense of wonder and imagination. You need to be curious about everything you photograph and then you need to be able to play with that curiosity to see what you can come up with.
•Thirdly  You need to develop a recognizable style – even if that style is – no style!

6. Share any one habit which you wish to change in yourself.
Ans) I want to change my way of spending Money is an important resource and the way you spend it will significantly.

7. Share a quote that inspires you the most.
Ans) "If you make listening and observation your occupation, you will gain much more than you can by talk." --Robert Baden-Powell

8. What is your life mantra?
Ans)Triple 'I'
1 – Intention: Have the intention to do something and make it happen no matter what.
2 –Intensity of action: When you give your best and try all possible means to make something happen, what you intend does happen. This is where your perseverance is tested.
3 – Impact: Success is in your hands. Because you gave in your best, you taste success.



Published by OpenShutter · 2015-12-01T08:13:19+0000


                                                                    Adi's Photography


Published by OpenShutter · 2015-11-25T15:22:45+0000



Openshutter is a photography app where best photographers can submit his photos. This group resembles to group of best photographers.Any one  can showcase his talent . You can find openshutter group photos here

A short discussion with Team-

Why we created this group?

When i look one year back , I had a very good photographer's group but there is no place to show their talent. I can say those are one of the best one among world's best one. Only thing is that they want one platform to show their showcase. I have tried to give the platform. I want all  newcomers should not only  get one identity  but also a learning platform , a competition to grow themself. This is root of Openshutter group.

How it differetiate it with other groups?

  • This provides not only to showcase your photography skills but also so many new thing like:-
  • Connect with other photographers and learn new innovative things.
  • Bring innovation in your photography.
  • Connect with other people and get hired for your work like (pre wedding photoshoot or birthday celebration).
  • Sell your photos and earn money.



The best part all photographer wil get his own author page and their show cases.

You can get some openshutter's group photograhs here.


OCT Fest Season and Long holiday.. :)

Published by OpenShutter · 2014-10-06T08:25:28+0000

Welcome back from a refreshing festive season and long vaccation.As expecting ,everybody got a refreshing nature touch and festive lively life and back to work.We are expecting a fresh nature and lively life  photography for those people who can not feel the nature or fest season in this long holiday like me .. :(

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